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 “I have to admit that I was a little skeptical, because my family and friends already thought the room looked pretty good. However, when my “new” room was revealed to me, we were absolutely blown away. We couldn’t believe that the things I already owned could  look so fantastic.  Now I don’t have to buy new furniture!”

Elise Jorgensen, Westlake Village

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Erica Mazur, IADA, RES

Thousand Oaks, California



One-Day Room Makeovers

Our most popular service! No matter what your taste or style, a one-day makeover, or “redesign”, is an affordable answer for updating and revitalizing the appearance of your rooms– without the scary, permanent tactics seen on extreme decorating shows. The process begins with a detailed interview (about 1 hour), where we gather critical information about you and your room. Next, we dismantle and prepare the space for the transformation. Then the magic begins! Our step-by-step, copywritten process (a “secret formula”) allows us to confidently use ordinary furnishings in extraordinary ways that you may have never imagined, unlike traditional design services that rely on product sales. Once the final piece is perfectly placed, you will be delighted and amazed by your fabulous “designer” room– and eager to share it with everyone. Starting at $500.











Morning (above)…

elegant furnishings and fine architectural details. Can this room really be improved?


Afternoon (below)…

a new dramatic arrangement takes advantage of an underutilized bar from an adjoining room. Now the couple is ready to entertain.












HCI Bright Idea: Try turning a square cocktail table on an angle– it was the key to this arrangement!

Color & Design Consulting

Imagine having access to professional design advice whenever those tough, expensive decisions need to be made. Erica Mazur of House Calls Interiors can assist you with any design dilemma you may have...her expert approach is based on her architecture and model home experience. Whether you need help selecting the perfect color and finishes, deciding what furnishings and accessories to purchase, or just not knowing how to solve a problem space, Erica will give you the confidence and direction you need to turn your desires into reality.  The duration of the average appointment is 2-4 hours. Starting at $225.

Move-In Arrangement

Your new house will instantly feel like home. We will get you and your family settled quickly and beautifully by harmonizing your existing furnishings with you new surroundings. Whether you are moving to a larger or smaller home, combining two households, transitioning to assisted living, or too busy or exhausted to face the overwhelming task of getting set up in your new place, treat yourself to the peace of mind  of our time-saving service. We take great care and pride in making your new home a sanctuary that is welcoming and comfortable. Typical move-in is 1-3 days. Prices vary.


Shopping Service

No time, energy, or clue about what to purchase to finish your room to perfection? Our shopping service will deliver the biggest “bang for the buck”. Whether you are in need of a single piece or a roomful of items, together we will develop a targeted shopping list, realistic budget, and time schedule. As a bonus, unlike most traditional designers, we never “upcharge”- the costs of all items are fully disclosed and you always pay the exact cost. We are happy to pass our designer discounts on to you! Prices vary.

Holiday & Specialty Decorating

Our flexible, creative services will make your next special event memorable– give us a call!


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