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The 1-HourPre-Showing Checklist

Sweep/tidy front porch and welcome mat.


Turn on lights/lamps in darker areas.


Open drapes/blinds/shutters where appropriate.


Take out the trash. (even if it is out of view, it might have an

unpleasant odor!).


Do a “smell check” throughout home—use an odor-neutralizing product (like “Febreeze”) if needed. Avoid the use of heavily scented sprays.


Arrange and fluff sofa cushions, pillows, and throws/afghans.


Reposition out-of-place furniture and area rugs.


Straighten artwork and pictures.


Clean off kitchen counters and sink. Wash dishes and put away.


Make sure all rooms are picked up and tidy—clothes, shoes, and other items should be off the floor and placed out of view.


Make all beds.


Clean off bathroom counters. Stow toiletries/appliances/toothbrushes, etc. Think model home!


Put toilet seats down. Remove toilet brush and plunger from view.


Check bathroom towels. Make sure they look fresh. Tri-fold.


Remove all pet bowls and accessories from view.







Assist your agent by being absent for all showings.

Potential buyers are far more comfortable and will tend

to stay longer if you and your pets are not there.


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